Until 2014 HATCH founder and CEO Claire Leach was Director of Development at FareShare, a national food rescue charity. Less than one percent of food waste is appropriate for human consumption and can be given to charities like FareShare. Determined to find ways to divert the remaining 99% of food waste from landfill, Claire discovered insects. With the support of The Myer Foundation, as an inaugural 2014 Myer Innovation Fellow, Claire conducted a feasibility study on using insects to bioconvert Australian food waste into beneficial resources like insect protein. Two years later, she formed HATCH Biosystems.

Using insects, HATCH aims to divert over 30,000 tonnes of food waste from landfill each year, from just one of its many planned bioconversion facilities. In greenhouse CO2 emissions alone, this is equivalent to taking 5,000 cars of the road. It also prevents 1,000 megalitres (400 Olympic sized swimming pools) of water from being wasted in producing that food in the first place. 

HATCH sustainably produced products including protein meals, oils, and organic fertiliser will be coming into production mid 2019.